It’s a science, not a secret.

DermaQuest is a professional skincare brand founded by Sam Dhatt, a master chemist who truly understands the chemistry of skin.​

In the DermaQuest Innovation Lab, we create highly efficacious formulas that are super-loaded with high-performance actives that address all skin types, conditions, and fitzpatrick types both in the treatment room and to enhance your client’s at-home regimen. ​

We provide hands-on education, business tools, and customer service support to help deliver the best results for your business, your team, and your clients.​

The DermaQuest Difference

Transform the way your clients experience skincare.​

8 Skin-State-Specific Retail and Professional Collections

Active ingredients at proven performance levels​

Personalized, continuous education through DermaQuest Skincare Institute

Chemistry driven formulas with encapsulated advanced delivery systems for results


Proprietary advanced formula development through DermaQuest Innovation Lab

Formulations suited for all Fitzpatrick skin types

Innovation Spotlight

Introducing Our Advanced Serums

8 Perfected Formulas for Every Skincare Need.


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